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Damans have many different styles of baths on display in our showroom to suit any and every taste.

Our range of brands

We supply many different sizes, shapes and materials to fit the design of your space, and our experienced team know only too well the many considerations needed prior to finding the right bath for you. The size and the shape of your room and the pipework infrastructure will normally determine what size and shape bath you require.

Damans offer a full range of baths including: rectangular, double ended, corner and offset corner baths. We also specialise in shower baths with screens, free standing baths, whirlpool and system baths and roll top baths. The choices are endless.

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Carron Baths

Carron Bathrooms took over the manufacturing of baths from its predecessor the Carron Company, using the same site that the original company started 250 years ago. With craftsmanship at the heart of its brand, the company pride themselves on producing baths with skill and precision. The company continually invests in technology and embraces new techniques and processes to ensure they produce innovative products and remain at the forefront of modern bath design. A result of this has been the company’s creation of Carronite baths, which have a patented, triple layer reinforcement producing a stronger, more rigid, more solid bath that maintains bath water temperatures for longer. The minimum 20-year guarantee offered on every Carron bath (Carronite baths have a 30 year guarantee) reflects the company’s confidence in its product. Before leaving the factory all baths go through an eight-stage process and every stage is monitored and finished by hand.
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Kaldewei Baths

Based in Ahlen, Westphalia, Kaldewei is a family run business, now being run by the fourth generation of the family. Founded in 1918, Kaldewei now have over 100 years experience. After discovering that enamelled stainless steel was the perfect material for bathroom objects, Kadewei built up experience, refined techniques and revolutionised manufacturing before producing their first freestanding bathtub in 1934, followed by the first seamless bathtub made from a single sheet of steel in 1957. Kaldewei are known around the world for their commitment to designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality. Kaldewei range of baths are designed to meet individual requirements and vary in size, layout and style.
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Victoria & Albert

Victoria and Albert is a British brand with a global reputation for creating freestanding baths of the highest quality. Since its formation in 1996, Victoria and Albert has aimed to become both developers of innovative products and market leaders within the free standing bath market and as a result the brand has consistently been at the forefront of international luxury bathroom design.

The Victoria and Albert Bath range consists of two main collections, traditional and modern and each collection offers a vast array of inspirational freestanding designs. In addition, a range of taps and accessories are available to enable you to create a totally coordinated bathroom.

All Victoria and Albert Baths are hand finished and made from 100% QUARRYCAST™. This blend of Volcanic Limestone™ and high performance resins creates a material which boasts many naturally desirable properties including:

  • It is warm to the touch, strong, drillable and can be painted or personalised after purchase.
  • Internal scratches simply polish out as the material is solid all the way through.
  • The Volcanic Limestone™ mineral delivers a beautiful naturally white, gloss finish which has excellent stain resistance.
  • It is long lasting. Every white model comes with a 25 year consumer guarantee and has been tested by the IAPMO to UPC and Cupc standards.
villeroy-boch logo

Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy and Boch is renowned all over the world as a manufacturer of premium bathroom and wellness and tableware products and is one of the longest established European brands with a history spanning over 270 years. Since it was established in 1978, the ceramic producer has developed into an international lifestyle brand and its name is now synonymous with products that are of the highest quality. In the bathroom and wellness area, Villeroy and Boch offers products designed to transform the bathroom into a stylish and functional space to promote and enhance wellbeing. Their range of distinctive bathroom collections is designed by international and award winning designers and a combination of precise craftmanship, state of the art technology and strict quality standards results in products that are exceptional in style, quality, functionality and durability. Villeroy & Boch offers a comprehensive selection of baths in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colours to suit your every need. Whether it be a classic rectangular shape, a space saving corner bath, a stylish hexagonal model, a sensual oval bath, a luxurious round shape, a freestanding model or a relaxing Whirlpool bath, you will find the one that fulfills all your requirements.

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Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Daman of Witham is one of the carefully selected bathroom specialists that displays and sells Waters of Ashbourne baths. Since it was established in 2011, Waters Baths of Ashbourne has developed a reputation as a manufacturer of beautiful, contemporary freestanding baths. This is a fast growing brand which endeavours to create stunning, distinctive products of the highest quality and through innovationand design strives to be at the forefront of international bathroom design. The company’s first breakthrough was the creation of i-Line -20mm acrylic edged baths. Using the very latest manufacturing techniques, Waters Baths of Ashbourne created a narrow edged bath which offers a larger, more luxurious bathing experience due to an increased internal bathing length of up to 130mm. Waters Baths have a range of collections of contemporary baths including: the simple but sophisticated Linear collection; the i-line collection which comprises of baths which are customised to fit your space and the Elements collection which consists of a range of aesthetically pleasing baths made from natural materials and styled with a matt finish. All i-Line and Linear baths are made from Lucite™, an innovative material that creates a bath that is UV stable, colour fast, strong and longlasting with an abrasion resistant finish. In addition, deflection never occurs due to the permanent thickness of the material. Every Waters bath is individually hand-finished by a craftsman and inspected to exacting standards prior to delivery and the company’s belief in the quality of their bath tubs is supported by the lifetime warranty given.

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