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Bathroom Mirrors

Including a mirror or a mirror cabinet in the design of your bathroom is another way of enhancing its style and overall look.

Our Mirror Brands

Thanks to our more than 40 years of industry experience, we've built a strong understanding of the best brands to choose when looking for feature mirrors for your bathroom. We have a range of suppliers who offer options for both modern & LED mirrors as well as more classic options.

We offer an array of mirrors and mirror cabinets to choose from, distinctive in their shape, style, size and finish. In addition, many mirrors and mirror cabinets within our selection boast additional features such as LED illumination, adjustable lighting, integrated speakers and Bluetooth connectivity to integrate with your smart home setup.

HIB Mirrors


To create its products, HiB combines sleek, modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, reflecting its commitment to innovative design and making bathrooms beautiful. HIB produces some of the best mirrors and mirror cabinets on the market in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, sizes, and finishes, and many with additional innovative features.

HiB is a British family-run business founded by Warren Ginsberg in 1990. Initially a small mirror business, the product range was soon expanded to include cabinets and other bathroom fittings.

Through the years, HiB has earned a place among the leaders in contemporary bathroom products. The company boasts an internal quality assurance department and an in-house design team that designs, develops and tests all new products before distribution.

A curated collection of brands

Mirrors can often make or break a bathroom design, so we know how important they are. That's why we work with the most highly coveted and coveted suppliers in the industry. We can also source specific brands if you've seen something you like already!

Roper Rhodes


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