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Discover what our clients have to say about us, and learn why we've built a reputation as the premier bathroom and home renovation company in Essex.

Since 1979, Damans of Witham has been at the forefront of transforming homes across Essex with bespoke, luxury renovations. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of interior design, from state-of-the-art bathrooms to serene and stylish whole-home radiator renovations. We take pride in offering a comprehensive service that includes bespoke design, supply-only options, and an exclusive selection of floor and wall tiles to bring your dream space to life.

Discover our Showroom

Explore bathroom inspiration in our extensive Witham showroom, a haven of inspiration for both classic and modern styles. Dive into our bespoke 3D design services that bring your dream bathroom to life. With exclusive ranges and supplier options, we offer something unique for every taste.

Our Witham Bathroom Showroom

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See Our Work

We showcase bathrooms we've fitted so you can see our previous work and get a sense of how seriously we take our commitment to delivering quality work.

Our Fitted Bathrooms

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